Our History

  • Our History

    • • The early days

      The history of Espuña dates back to 1947, when Esteve Espuña began producing sausages using traditional recipes in his farmhouse near Olot, Spain.

      In 1947, with one employee by his side, Esteve ventured into business for himself and opened a small workshop in la Vall de Bianya. It was there where he began to develop his own unique recipes for handcrafted and authentic Spanish dry-cured sausages and chorizos. And with that Espuña was born.

      Under Esteve’s watchful eye the company expanded significantly, and in 1964 the facility was moved to Olot, a larger neighboring town. Espuña’s headquarters remain in this facility today.

    • • Growth

      In 1975, Esteve’s son, Xavier, took over the company and made sure to maintain his father’s tradition of handcrafting Spanish charcuterie. Under Xavier Espuña’s leadership, the company grew significantly as he focused on launching new Spanish specialties and expanding distribution of Espuña’s product line to countries all over the world. It was during Xavier’s tenure that dry-cured Serrano Ham – a customer favorite - was added to the product line.

    • • Internationalization

      In 2014, a third generation began working to craft Spanish charcuterie in the Espuña tradition: Xavier’s son Esteve. Esteve grew up listening to his father’s charcuterie stories and is dedicated to continuing his family’s heritage of producing Espuña’s world-class line of dry-cured meats, charcuterie, and tapas

    • • At Present

      Today Espuña has state of the art facilities that serve customers all over the world. Spain’s renowned Espuña family maintains ownership and continues to oversee the operations. Always progressive, Espuña’s success combines innovation and best practices to ensure that our old world Spanish cured meats maintain artisan craftsmanship for a truly authentic Spanish experience.

  • 1947 - Foundation in La Vall de Bianya
    1947 - Foundation in La Vall de Bianya
  • Our founder,  Sr. Esteve Espuña
    Our founder, Sr. Esteve Espuña
  • 1960 - Inauguration of the Multi-product Plant in Olot (Spain)
    1960 - Inauguration of the Multi-product Plant in Olot (Spain)
  • 2005 - New Factory producing cured ham in Teruel
    2005 - New Factory producing cured ham in Teruel
  • 2014 - Third generation (Esteve Espuña)
    2014 - Third generation (Esteve Espuña)