Our Facility

We are USDA approved and third party audited. Producing all sorts of fermented, dry-cured sausages.

We are USDA Organic certified, and Whole Foods certified.



We can make salami in all of its forms, chubs, slicing logs, bulk, snacks etc.

We also have an oven and smokehouse for your cooked products.

We have a dedicated slicing room with a brand new slicing line. Where we can slice your salamis or dry cured hams and whole muscles to order.

We can manufacture the following

  • Collagen casing with automatic clipper for high productivity products
  • Natural casing, ranging from 18mm to over 60mm
  • Twine tying
  • Meat snacks and meat sticks with collagen casing and alginate casing.

Our drying rooms allow for a wide range of temperatures and humidities, and we will help you adapt your product to our facility.

Once the product has been dried we have a wide range of packaging options that will make your product unique:
  • Bulk packing, for further processing.
  • High quality, detail oriented employees for manual packages.
  • Vacuum pouches.
  • Roll stock thermoformed, with either transparent or pre-printed plastic.
  • MAP pack for sliced products.
  • Single stick packs, MAP or Skin

We also offer different logistic solutions to best meet your distribution needs:
  • Full production shipments, truck or LTL pallet shipment
  • Pickup at our facility


Please contact to get you a personalized quote and discuss available capacity.

Our Suppliers

We work only with the most respected suppliers in the industry.

Located in a convenient location we have access to a wide range of meat suppliers.

  • Conventional pork
  • Humanely raised
  • Antibiotic free
  • Specialty and heritage breeds
  • Organic


We know the importance of getting the right blend of spices. We will work with you to select the best way to work:

  • We can work with your closed spice bag
  • We can mix the spices for you
  • Or, our spice supplier can do premixing of your custom blends